As we are entering our third decade in the executive search industry we are proud of our leading position as an innovative and client brand building consulting firm on the Nordic market.

Through our extensive international network of executive search firms we cover global trends and adapt innovative methods and processes to our local markets. We also take great pride in our high-end procedures as well as our focus on risk management on executive assessments.

Executive search

Each client and assignment is unique. Our services are adapted and adjusted to each new process to perfectly match the by client desired delivery. The adjustment may be for instance on search channels, selection and assessment methods, brand issues from an executive point of view or interim solutions during the search phase.

Executive assessments

We have extensive experience from assessment on C-level, both on national and international level. Our experienced assessment consultants are used to assess both risk and potential for leadership on both strategic and tactical levels.



A way to step 47 years into the future.
A uniform management team or a board with similar worldview has limited perspective and risks making poorer decisions than a more diverse group. A truly diverse group forces everyone to become better versions of themselves. They need to argue, explain, listen and convince in different ways. A mixed group can end up developing alternative solutions and new ideas. Ideas that a uniform group could never come up with.


We are moving towards gender equality when it comes to management teams and boards, but it is a painfully slow process. If it keeps developing at the same rate, Nordic business might reach its full potential in about 47 years! To speed up this development we have launched a service which we have christened “Boarding Efficiency Now”.


Briefly, we handpick (women) candidates for your board who, in our opinion, can bring efficiency and profitability. We present them to you and explain why they can make a difference.


“-Equality is not just about equality. It’s also about efficiency and profitability”


INTERESTED IN BOARD ASSIGNMENTS? APPLY HERE! Majority of our executive search assignments are by nature confidential and not published on our homepage.


Decennium 3 is a subsidiary to SOURCE Executive Recruitment and a part of NGS Group. SOURCE Executive Recuritment was founded in mid-90s by a collaboration of Swedish and Finnish executive search consultants. Our ambition has always been to be a step ahead of the competition. We focus on continuous improvement of our procedures and methods and we constantly scan the market for best-in-practice methods in order to present quality assured and innovative services to our clients.


decennium3 recruits to management- and board level positions, interim positions as well as key specialist roles.

Since our goal is to strive for long-term relationships, client knowledge and customer satisfaction, our client base consists of approximately 50 companies – not 500. Our senior consultants have both vast and broad experience of top- and middle management  searches in our niches business areas. Below you will find a sample of positions we have filled over the past years;


HR Director – Pharma
CFO – Med tech
Quality director – Life Science
Business director – Life Science
Finance manager – Health care
Market access director – Pharma


General manager – FMCG
Country sales manager – Retail
National boutique manager – Retail
Franchise business leader – Fast food
Brand manager – Consumer electronics
Store manager – Home appliances


General manager – FMCG
Country sales manager – Retail
National boutique manager – Retail
Franchise business leader – Fast food
Brand manager – Consumer electronics
Store manager – Home appliances


General manager – Electronics
Head of production – Defence
Head of CSR – Transport solutions
Managing director – Materials
Sales director – Components
Marketing manager – Automation


CEO – Trading
CIO – Banking
Head of internal audit – Banking
Marketing manager – Consumer Banking
Investments manager – Banking
Product manager lending – Corporate banking


Partner – Business law firm
Intellectual property manager – Patent law firm
Chief legal officer – Banking
Head of legal – Pharma
General counsel – E-commerce
Patent manager – Industry


CEO – Energy
CEO – Clean tech
Commercial business manager – Energy
HR manager – Energy
Head of maintenance – Renewable energy
Manager Gas turbine – Energy


CFO – Test and certification
CEO – Management consulting
CEO – Environmental consulting
Regional manager – Tech consulting
Head of accounting – Engineering
Taxation specialist – Accounting & consulting


Business alignment manager – Pulp & paper
Environmental manager – Pulp & paper
CFO – Packaging
Plant manager – Packaging
Head of procurement – Pulp & paper
Manager automation & electricity – Pulp & Paper


Head of design & engineering – Marine industry
CEO – Harbour & logistics
Head of security – Train operator
Head of controlling – Public transport
Production manager – Public transport
Head of cash management – Public transport


Decennium3 Executive club offers a unique opportunity to build a relation to leading executive search consultants, to get invitations to exclusive seminars, individual career counselling for leaders as well as insight and development of your leadership style.

We support you in your career and development and we hope that you as a member can aid us by sharing your network of potential candidates to our search assignments when requested. A prerequisite for membership is that you already today work at C-level or have a strategic position within your company.

Your Career

Book a lunch with one of our senior executive search consultants and get at speaking partner regarding your CV and career.


Meet other decisionmakers in smaller groups, build your network and take part of interesting seminars.


Development & Insights

Test your leadership style, risk profile and personality with our psychologists and get individual feed-back.

Executive club

  • Confidential
  • Free of charge
  • Exclusive with few selected members
  • APPLY HERE (please attach CV)



Registering your CV in our database opens doors to exclusive and interesting career opportunities. You can show your interest for any of our on-going public search assignments, your CV will be accessible for our Nordic research team and you can easily up-date your information.

All information will of course be considered and treated confidentially and according to any legal restrictions. No information will be given to our clients or other external sources without your approval and only our consultants will have access to the information.


Majority of our executive search assignments are by nature confidential and not published on our homepage. Under the sign ”Available positions” you will find our open/public on-going assignments.




Majority of our executive search assignments are by nature confidential and not published on our homepage.

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